Safety Equipment, Clothing and Gear

We do a full range of protective gear and clothing for all working conditions.

Eye And Ear Protection

  • Glasses And Goggles

    Multicolored lens colours and frame styles for general eye protection in general working environments. We also have anti-fog and welding goggles.

  • Earmuffs

    Various style and types of earmuffs for maxium ear protection and convenience.  

Face Shields and Masks

  • Face Protection

    Clear and tinted face shields for ease of covering and uncovering the face during working.  

  • Respirator Masks

    Singles and double cartridge respirator masks while working with dust, fumes and misty situations

Helmets, Hardhats and Hands

  • Welding Helmets

    Full and partial cover, adjustable and non-adjustable welding helmets and shields. We also have replacement welding lenses and replacement visors.

  • Hardhats

    Various styles and coloured hard hats for head protection in different industries. 

  • Work Gloves

    Work gloves that are normal, elbow and shoulder length. In a variety of materials like leather, goatskin, PVC, nylon and different grades of fabric. We have gloves a wide range of uses like welding, heavy duty work, gardening, heat resistance and more...

Protective and Reflective

  • Protective Wear

    Partial or full body protective wear from aprons, ankle spats to full hooded long sleeve tops and full-length bottoms.   

  • Reflective Wear

    Reflective bibs and jackets in yellow and orange for maximum visibility in reduced visibility conditions. 


Please note not all images and information displayed are an exact representation of the products we offer, which is why we encourage you to contact us so we can make sure we get you exactly what you need.